St. Petersburg, Florida NOOD regatta
February 14-16th, 2003 ...Page 2
  Steve and Connie Attard with crew ghosting along in Stealth in light air.  Steve's new boat Viva Las Vegas was supposed to be delivered on time for the NOODs, but alas did not make it.  Many thanks goes out to Stu for letting Steve use Stealth in St.Pete and allowing our fleet to sail as a class!  
  At right Chef Laslo serves up Bunny food for the boys.    
Picture Cluster Below:  Light Air lead to several postponements, so in our constant search for entertainment, we approached many boats such as Johnathan Swift (below) and looked for anyone with extra beer.  Finally we settled on attacking Holy Toledo, but found they were out of supplies too.  The rest of the fleet convinced we would find a motherlode of cool beverages rafted off of us anyway, where good times and reggae music filled the air before it finally started to move again.    
The Cretins (Chris and Craig Kretz) were spotted on Patriot, an Evelyn 32 that we will see racing against us in PHRF-A at NCYC this summer.
  Congrats to Tom Andrews and Holy Toledo on their win in the Hobie-33 class at the 2003 NOODs! 
Pictured Above Left is Eddie Taylor(left) and Tom Spinks (above right)  on the right is Cliff Vaughn.
  Oh yeah - How did we do? Well lets just say we had two good races, and the rest was just good times.  Thanks to Holy Toledo, Mirage, Johnathan Swift, Stealth, and Kaos for coming out to play with us!